America Saves Week

America Saves Week is a widely recognized national campaign where thousands of organizations join together to collectively encourage their communities to focus on their individual financial wellness. Saving money gives you funds that can help cover unexpected expenses, and give you flexibility in your finances. It’s not just for rainy days. Having a strong savings account can help you have the funds to take advantage of when a good opportunity comes along without having to borrow money.

We encourage you to take the America Saves Pledge. Make a pledge to yourself and create a simple savings plan that works. But taking action is even more important than taking a pledge. The biggest hurdle to building your savings account is staying in the routine of depositing money into it. Fortunately, if you have BancorpSouth checking and savings accounts, you can automate account transfers to free you from having to remember to do it!

To learn how to set up a recurring transfer from your BancorpSouth checking to your savings account, visit the Connecting You Online Banking instructional page. Click the "Play" button and then "Transfers" to watch the instructional video.

Are you interested in saving money but don’t have a BancorpSouth savings account? No problem! Visit to compare savings accounts and find the account that’s just right for your needs. Or contact a local branch to help you get started.