Big-Ticket Items That Go On Sale in January

The weather isn’t the only thing that cools down in January. After the holiday shopping season, many families are burned out on big spending. But for savvy shoppers with money in their pockets looking for a deal, it’s a good time to strike on big-ticket items that historically go on sale this time of year.

Here are five big-ticket items that might see big price drops in January:

  1. Fitness Equipment

    Did Santa not bring you the weight bench you were hoping for? Don’t worry. There’s never a bad time to get in shape. In fact, January may be ideal to start working off extra calories you may have consumed during the holidays. Look for savings and sales on fitness equipment and workout gear.

  2. Winter Apparel

    The peak season for winter apparel sales is in late fall before cold weather sets in. By the time the new year rolls around, you likely already have most of your cold-weather wear. But if your winter wardrobe is missing a key piece, now is a good time to save money especially if cold weather looks like it might linger around a while. It’s never too soon to save big on a thick coat for next year!

  3. Linens

    Does your bedroom need freshening up? January is the traditional season for department stores and home-goods retailers to hold “white sales” featuring discounts on sheets, bedding and all sorts of bed and bath products.

  4. Furniture

    Maybe a fashionable chair or a sectional was too big to fit in Santa’s sleigh. No worries. February is when furniture retailers launch and stock new lines. That means they want to move out old inventory fast, and deep January discounts can help you save big, whether you’re revamping your living room or just need a couple pieces to fill out your home.

  5. Big-screen TVs

    If you’ve been in the market for a bigger, better TV but couldn’t close a good deal during last year’s flash sales, you’ve got another chance to save a bundle on your next entertainment monitor. Whether you’re gaming, watching the game or are turning on Frozen for the 999th time, it’s possible to get good deals on big screen smart TVs in January. But if a big box store offers you an in-house extended warranty, you might want to do your homework before buying it. Things covered by extended warranties may already be covered by the manufacturer. Don’t spend the extra money unless you’re sure it’s right for your needs.

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