Be Part of the Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the Center for Disease Control, breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the United States (following skin cancer). Breast cancer remains the second-leading cause of cancer death among women, but fortunately, the mortality rate is declining.

One of the best things you can do in the fight against breast cancer is to educate yourself. Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better the odds are for reduced risk, early detection, and making informed decisions about treatment options for yourself or a loved one. To learn about breast cancer facts, statistics and resources, consider visiting the CDC’s official website. The National Breast Cancer Foundation also has free educational guides.

Once you’re armed with information, you could consider donating money or time as a volunteer to a reputable cancer research organization. If you’re interested in contributing financially, BancorpSouth makes donating easy! Did you know that if you sign up for a BancorpSouth Pink Card, a contribution is made to breast cancer research through a number of different organizations with every swipe of your debit card? You can contribute toward the fight against cancer simply by banking and spending as you normally would. It can be that simple! If you’re interested in switching to the Pink Card, you can call or visit a branch to inquire about it today.

At BancorpSouth, the battle against cancer is very important to us. We will always continue to fight toward a cure.