Fall in Love

Love is a many-splendored thing. And it comes in many forms. Last year, a National Retail Federation survey found that consumers had spent a record $196.31 per person on Valentine’s Day. This year is understandably different with consumers spending an average of $164.76 per person, down 32%.

So where are consumers spending their money? Not surprisingly, the trend toward online shopping continues. This year, online is the most popular Valentine’s Day shopping destination, picked by 39 percent of those polled. Following behind are department stores (29 percent), discount stores (28 percent), and local small businesses and specialty stores tied (17 percent). What is a surprise is this year marks the first time consumers listed small businesses as a top-five shopping destination since the question was added to NRF’s survey in 2015.

But there’s more to love than just heart-shaped boxes and gifts. Love is a relationship. And in the spirit of the February loving season, we’ve put together a great Spotify playlist of love songs to encourage you to share the love with us and each other. BancorpSouth cares about your hopes and your dreams, and we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. We’re offering more than just a bank; we’re offering a relationship. Don’t settle for less.

To check out the playlist and find reasons to deepen your relationship with BancorpSouth, visit BancorpSouth.com/LoveYourBank.