Spring Cleaning Your Finances

When is the last time you went through your BancorpSouth statements or account activity in your online or mobile banking apps with a fine-toothed comb? Spring cleaning your house, car or work area can be a rewarding experience. But while you’re performing the more traditional spring cleaning, you may want to carry that momentum into your finances and give them a good spring cleaning as well. Here are six areas where you could find savings.

  1. Streaming platforms
    In the beginning, one company with a familiar red logo launched the on-demand streaming content craze. At last count, there are currently at least 30 entertainment streaming platforms with at least one million subscribers each! How many of them are you currently subscribed to? At what price point? Make a priority list of what you spend the most time watching and see if there are any content providers you never really watch.

  2. Print
    Do you have magazines that stack up in your mail pile? Maybe you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to reading them but never do. If you’re paying for periodicals you aren’t reading, you might as well be throwing money away. Cancel subscriptions to papers or magazines if you aren’t reading them.

  3. Gaming
    Does your whole family spend a lot of time playing a variety of video games? A subscription service might make more sense than paying for games individually. However if you have a console or PC gaming subscription package but primarily play only one or two games, you might be better off paying a one-time cost of the game and skipping the subscription. Or if your lifestyle has changed in a way that leaves you with far less time for gaming, you might have forgotten you’re signed up for a subscription altogether. Reevaluate your needs and adjust accordingly.

  4. Subscription boxes
    New month, new box. What’s inside? It’s a surprise! But if your finances are tight, the surprise might be the hit to your wallet from a subscription you forgot about. If the enjoyment you get from mystery box services are worth the price tag, by all means keep them. But if you’re trying to tighten your belt, you can probably live without knowing what’s in the box.

  5. Credit cards
    Do you have multiple credit cards? Do some of them have annual fees? You could skip the fees by cancelling cards with no balance that you are not using. But be aware that having fewer open lines of credit with balances could affect your credit score. If you have credit card balances and are paying high interest, you could save money by taking out a personal loan at lower interest rates and paying off the balances on your credit cards. We can help you get started.

  6. Cable or Satellite TV
    If you’re paying for cable or satellite TV and are not under contract, you might be able to negotiate a lower package price (especially if they’re competing against online providers for your dollars.) Even if you are under contract, you may be able to switch to the lowest cost package until you run out your contract period if you aren’t watching much broadcast TV. If you can access the same shows through your streaming services, there may not be any reason to have cable or satellite.

Have you forgotten anything? Log into your BancorpSouth online or mobile banking. Comb through a couple months of account activity and look at each individual charge. You might spot a recurring charge you didn’t realize was still active.

You can also re-evaluate the level of services you do want to keep. For example, you could make use of your home, work, or public wifi hotspots and switch to a lower data plan on your smartphone. If you’re paying for cable or satellite TV and are not under contract, you might be able to negotiate a lower package price (especially if they’re competing against online providers for your dollars.)

If you’re ready to tweak your budget, you can use the convenient Budget tool under the Spending tab of your BancorpSouth Online Banking experience!