Transform Your Garage!

Many homeowners decide they have better uses for their garage than parking vehicles. From an extra bedroom to a purpose-built project space, here are six ideas to kickstart your garage remodeling imagination!

  1. Kids’ Playroom

    Maybe your kids’ bedroom is too small for them to play in comfortably. Maybe their bedroom is too close to your home office. Whatever the reason, consider renovating your garage into a kids’ playroom. You could finish bare walls with soundproofing and paneling. Think about options such as a padded puzzle mat floor, a color paint scheme, an educational/entertainment center, and a monitoring camera so you could keep an eye on them from elsewhere around your house via your smartphone or tablet. A kids’ playroom could give your children extra space while also freeing them up from claiming too much of yours.


  3. Music Studio

    Whether mastering the pentatonic scale on your six-string or laying down beats on your laptop, your garage could become a musical sanctuary. No matter if you aim to be the next breakthrough internet hip hop sensation or are composing an ambient score for an ultra-low-budget independent film, finish your garage with sound-proofing studio foam, mood lighting, comfortable seating and all the right gear for your genre.


  5. Modern Mud Room

    If you’re farming, ranching or doing a lot of outdoor activities, you could transform your garage into a modern mudroom to help keep dirt and grime from being tracked into your house. You might consider keeping your garage door and putting down a waterproof floor coating to make hosing out grime an easy possibility. You could also install your washer & dryer in your garage and - toss dirty clothes right in the wash before ever stepping foot in your house.


  7. Rec Room

    Got a pool table, a foosball table and a vintage Donkey Kong Jr. machine in storage with no place to put them? Convert your garage into a Rec Room by moving in all your games, card tables and dungeon master guides. Add a funky or retro-80s decor, stereo, mini-fridge and comfortable chairs. Last but not least - add friends!


  9. Library

    Are you a book lover? Do you have so many books you don’t know what to do? Take your bare bones garage and build shelving into all the walls. Install windows and a skylight for plenty of natural light to read by. Add a parquet floor and rug, comfortable chairs, a throw blanket, and a table on which to set your refreshments. Brew some tea and get lost in print for hours in your very own home library.


  11. Home Theater

    Movie fanatics and film buffs know there’s nothing quite like watching a movie in the cool, dark environment of the theater. With an ultra-high-def monitor or a high-quality screen and digital projector paired with a 7.1 surround sound system, you could bring the theater experience right into your own home by converting your garage into the ultimate viewing experience. With a few reclining chairs and some sound reflection-absorbing drapes covering the wall, you could kick back and stream the latest blockbuster or binge-watch that gripping series everyone’s been talking about in style and in quality. (But no spoilers, please.)


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