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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Feel secure in knowing your money is FDIC-insured
  • No minimum balance
  • Reloadable through any BancorpSouth location, online transfer, direct deposit (ACH deposit) or MasterCard® rePower location
  • No overdraft fee
  • No credit check
  • Free 24/7 Customer Service at 800-416-6373
  • Safer alternative to cash
    • No paper checks
    • Set up direct deposit (ACH deposit) of payroll and federal benefits
    • Zero liability on fraudulent transactions
    • Replaceable if lost or stolen
  • Receive text/email alerts
    • Online account management for viewing transaction history and online budgeting
  • Get cash
    • Free when making a purchase at a merchant
    • Any ATM where Debit MasterCard is accepted
  • Use the card at millions of merchant locations or ATMs worldwide
Reqs & Fees


  • Minimum load amount: $10 ($0 if setting up direct deposit) 
  • Minimum balance: $0


    General Fees

  • Customer Service (Live or Voice Response Unit (VRU) balance inquiry): free
    • Speak to a live representative (24/7/365; bilingual), automated phone system
  • Web Access Cardholder Portal: free
    • Online access for cardholders
  • SMS/email alerts: free
    • Receive a text or email when transactions occur
  • Monthly maintenance: $4
  • Paper statement: $5
    • Mailed to cardholder by request 
  • Inactivity: $3
    • Per month after 12 months of no activity, if card is activated and has a balance
  • Usage Fees

  • Point-of-sale transaction: free
    • Per retail transaction — point-of-sale PIN or signature transaction, Domestic or International
  • Cash back at point-of-sale transaction: free
    • Get cash back when you make a purchase at a retail location
  • Cash withdrawal from a bank: $5
    • Per cash-advance withdrawal at a BancorpSouth branch 
  • Convenience check: $5
    • Per check- TransCheck is a convenience check for cardholder use to draft from an account
  • ATM usage
    • ATM withdrawal, domestic: $2
      • Per withdrawal (one free per month)
    • Surcharge-free ATM usage(7): free
    • ATM balance inquiry, domestic: $1 per inquiry
    • ATM insufficient funds/decline, domestic: $1 per attempt
    • ATM withdrawal, international: $5 per withdrawal
    • ATM balance inquiry, International: $3 per inquiry
    • ATM insufficient funds/decline, international: $3 per attempt
    • Money move, card to bank: $2.50
      • Per card to bank money move through cardholder website
    • International transactions: 3%
  • Load Fees

  • Direct deposit load: free
    • Direct deposit load through employer or other direct deposit payer
  • Bank load: $1.50
    • Reloading money onto the card at a BancorpSouth location
  • Money move, card to card: $0.50
    • Per card to card money move through cardholder website
  • Limits

  • Maximum load amount: $3,000
  • Loads per day: 2
  • Maximum balance amount: $3,000
  • Maximum ATM withdrawal amount: $500
How It Works

How It Works

A Prepaid Card is a card that has monetary value, does not have a checking or savings account tied to it and can be used just like cash. It can be loaded with value by the owner of the card, another person, a company or an institution. Prepaid Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

To reload your Prepaid Card, please visit a branch near you.

Prepaid Card

We no longer issue new Prepaid Cards for customers, however, we honor existing Prepaid Cards for customers. To login to check the status of your Prepaid Card, click here.

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