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  • Online Banking has basic Mortgage loan information and for more detailed information, click the Mortgage Loan number. This carries you to the sign on page for Mortgage Loans. Enter your User Name and Password. If you are a first time user, follow the steps for enrolling for Mortgage Online Service. The direct website is

  • We do allow transfers from your checking account to most loan types. To verify this can be done, please go to the transfer icon in the tool bar and on the "TO Account" drop down menu, your loan number will be listed if we allow a transfer to be made to your loan. If you do not already have your loan added to your Online Access, please call us and we would be glad to add that for you. You can also pay your Mortgage online. If you have not signed up, go to or if your mortgage loan is reflected on your online banking, click the loan account and it will take you to the mortgage login page where you can sign up for access. After you sign up, you can access your loan and make a payment.

  • Yes, go to the Transfer Icon on the tool bar and select Internal Transfers. You can select the frequency you want the transfer to take place between your accounts. Transfers may be added, edited, or deleted at your discretion

  • No, you are not able to view what made up a deposit online. You may call us at 1-888-797-7711 and we would be glad to provide any information that you need.

  • VISA for Students** Start building your credit history with a BancorpSouth Credit Card! No annual fee Prime* + 13.65% Annual Percentage Rate on Purchases Prime* + 19.65% Annual Percentage Rate on Cash Advances Optional overdraft protection for BancorpSouth checking accounts Automatic payment draft option Customer-selected PIN (Personal Identification Number) for ATM access to cash Online Access More Benefits at Online Budget Calculators Financial Tips & Planning Special Discounts from Leading Online Retailers **All accounts subject to standard credit approval policies. Applicants must be of legal contractual age and be enrolled in an accredited two year or four year college or university. Our minimum credit limit is $500.

  • You may close your account inside any BancorpSouth branch or if it is more convenient, you may mail or send in a signed letter to our Customer Service Center. Please include your name, address, account number, phone number and your signature on the letter. Fax the request to: 662-678-7263 or mail to: 2910 West Jackson St., Tupelo, MS 38801 or scan and email to: If you have a balance remaining in your account, we can mail an official check to you for the balance. There is an official check fee of $6.00 which can be deducted from your balance. Please inform us of your current address. If there is a balance due on your account, you may send your signed letter requesting the account be closed along with a check, official check or money order to: BancorpSouth, Customer Service Center, 2910 West Jackson St. , Tupelo, MS 38801 If your account is closed within 90 days of opening, it is subject to and Account Closure Fee of $25.

  • In order to wire funds to your account from any bank within the United States, you will need to provide the sending bank with our ABA wire number 084201278. You will be required to provide your account name, account number, and amount of funds to wire. Your account will be charged an incoming wire fee as well as the sending bank may charge a fee.

  • There are many ways you can withdraw funds from your account, including: Teller withdrawals Online Banking - allows you to pay bills and transfer funds between accounts. Cash withdrawals from any BancorpSouth ATM's or other banks ATM's (At non-BancorpSouth ATM's, there is a fee) Telephone transfers between your BancorpSouth accounts using Infoline (no charge, using Infoline option to transfer funds) or speaking with a Customer Service Representative ($5.00 fee) Transfers through BancorpSouth's ATM's. MasterMoney card purchases at participating merchants. Scheduled transfers Transfers through Mobile Banking. Cash Advances at other banks using your BancorpSouth MasterMoney card (any Mastercard™ accepted institutions)

  • In Online Banking, you can go to the Customer Service Tab, select "Manage Account Preferences", and then select the "Add" button. You will need to enter the Product Type and Account Number and select "Add". Most accounts will appear instantly. Some accounts require some verification before adding the account and will be routed to a Customer Service Representative to complete the request. You may also request an account to be added to your existing online banking account by calling customer service at 888-797-7711, press 1 and then 6.

  • Call 1-888-797-7711, press 1,1,1: *A Personal Identification Number must be set up on your account to gain access to Infoline. Enter your account number Enter your Infoline Personal Identification Number The system will voice your balance and the last deposit on your account. Listen to the menu options to gain access to additional account information