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    How can I close my account with BancorpSouth?

    You may close your account inside any BancorpSouth branch or if it is more convenient, you may mail or send in a signed letter to our Customer Service Center. Please include your name, address, account number, phone number and your signature on the letter. Fax the request to: 662-678-7263 or mail to: 2910 West Jackson St., Tupelo, MS 38801 or scan and email to: customer.service@bxs.com If you have a balance remaining in your account, we can mail an official check to you for the balance. There is an official check fee of $6.00 which can be deducted from your balance. Please inform us of your current address. If there is a balance due on your account, you may send your signed letter requesting the account be closed along with a check, official check or money order to: BancorpSouth, Customer Service Center, 2910 West Jackson St. , Tupelo, MS 38801 If your account is closed within 90 days of opening, it is subject to and Account Closure Fee of $25.

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