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  • Any machine that displays the Cirrus or Pulse logo will accept our cards. These symbols can be found on the back of the ATM card. 

  • From the homepage, click on Login to Other Accounts, located under the login boxes. Choose "Prepaid and Payroll Cards". If you need assistance with access, please call 1-800-416-6373.

    We no longer issue new Prepaid Cards for customers, however, we honor existing Prepaid Cards for customers. To login to check the status of your Prepaid Card, click here.

  • A debit card transaction cannot be stopped from posting to your account. If there is a dispute on a transaction or an unauthorized transaction that has cleared your account, there are two options. You may pursue a refund from the merchant. If the item is unauthorized, we can dispute that item for you. For details call 1-888-797-7711 or stop by any branch location.

  • Activation is not needed for your debit card. Your card is ready for use when it is received. The PIN was selected by you when the card was ordered.

  • You can contact us at 1-888-797-7711, press 1, then 5, and a representative will be glad to assist you with your request or visit one of our local branches.

  • Please notify us as soon as you notice there is a transaction on your account that is unauthorized by you. We will review the transaction and determine the best way to dispute it. It is very important to view your bank statements monthly as time is critical for disputing items.

  • Your debit card will be automatically reissued to you the month prior to the expiration on your current card. If you do not receive your new card, please give us a call at 1-888-797-7711, press 1, 5, and we will be glad to check on the status of your card. If you have recently changed your address and have not updated your bank account information, please contact us so we can make the change and request the card be reissued.

  • When used at an ATM machine, the BancorpSouth Debit card and ATM card will allow you to withdraw $400.00 of the available balance daily, excluding weekends and holidays. The weekend processing time begins at 10:30 PM on Friday and ends after processing on the following Monday. If Monday is a holiday, Tuesday would be the next processing day. This time period is considered one processing day. Some merchants allow cash back when making a purchase (many grocery stores and drug stores offer this option). Cash back from a purchase does not count toward the $400 per day limit.

  • You would need to contact us at 1-888-797-7711, press 1, then 5. With proper identification, a representative can assist you with the resetting of your PIN.

  • If your card is used at an ATM machine in a foreign county, a 2% cross border fee applies in addition to $2.00 fee. If your card is used to make a purchase with or without the PIN number, there is a 2% cross border fee.