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  • There is a monthly fee of $5.00 if the balance falls below $100 on a My Goal Savings account. Statements cut monthly on the 25th of the month. You may have up to 6 withdrawals per month. Any withdrawals over the limit will be charged a $5.00 fee for each occurrence. ATM withdrawals do not count towards this limit. You may have unlimited ATM withdrawals or inside the branch withdrawals. **If your account balance is less than $100.00 and there have not been any transactions posted to your account in a 2 year period, then a monthly dormant fee of $8.50 will be assessed.

  • Yes it can. Health Savings rules state that only medical bills may be paid from this type of account.

  • Tresury Bonds can no longer be bought in paper form at a bank. Customers wishing to purchase a bond after December 30th, 2011 need to purchase directly from the Treasury. Go to their website ( for information on opening a Treasury Account. To speak to a Customer Service Representative at the Treasury, please call 1-800-553-2663.

  • The last day to make a deposit to a Christmas Club is the first Friday of November. Checks normally are mailed the following Monday.