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  • From the Toolbar, click on "Transfers". To Add a new scheduled transfer, Click "Internal Transfers" . Select the from account, the to account, the frequency of the transfer, the first transfer date, number of transfers and Amount then click NEXT. Confirm and then click on "ADD TRANSFER".

  • To transfers funds between your BancorpSouth accounts: Select the tab "Transfers" within online banking. Choose "Internal Transfer" for fund transfers between BancorpSouth bank accounts. Select the "from account" and the "to account". Choose the frequency, first transfer date, number of transfers and "transfer amount". For a one time transfer the transfer date and the number of transfers defaults to current date and one transfer. The next screen will ask you to verify the transfer, if correct select "add transfer". A confirmation page will be displayed. Transfers after 10:30 pm CST will be considered as being made on the following business day.

  • Online Banking - No fee (both accounts must appear online) Infoline - No fee (both accounts must be linked to debit card) Verbal Telephone Transfer - $5.00. This fee applies to Infoline Representative requests or branch telephone requests. The $5 fee is subtracted from the account where the money is transferred from. In Branch Transfer - $5.00 Online transfer from a non-BancorpSouth account. This is referred to as an external transfer. These can be done through your online banking only. Click on "Transfer" on the tool bar. Select "External Transfer" Follow instructions to set up. The set up takes 3 to 5 business days. Once the other account is set up, you can request a transfer. The transfer takes 3 to 5 business days and is routed through the ACH system. There is a fee for each transfer out of your BancorpSouth account. There is no fee to transfer into your BancorpSouth account.

  • Fees:
    Incoming Standard: $0.00
    Outgoing Standard: $3.00
    Next Day Incoming: $0.00
    Next Day Service Outgoing: $6.00

    External Transfer: $1,000