Business Coverage

When it comes to business, you have to be prepared for everything. Business owners and entrepreneurs live and breathe their companies, yet they’re often the most vulnerable. Our business development division offers risk management and risk transfer programs especially for large businesses. We help with the full spectrum of your business’ needs, even as it grows and changes over time.

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Protect your employees if they're injured on the job.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_CommercialAutoIns

Cover physical damage and liability claims resulting from your business fleet.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_PropertyCasualtyIns

When a disaster happens it not only affects your business property, it affects your bottom line.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_CyberLiability

Protect your small business in the event of a cyber data breach.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_Surety

We negotiate the best surety rates and offer flexible indemnity positions reducing your personal financial risk.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_GeneralLiability

Get the assurance that you are covered in the cause of an unexpected event.

BXSi_Tile Icon_SmallBusiness_UmbrellaIns

Sometime your existing coverage just isn’t enough. Let our team of experts take a look at your existing coverage and see if an umbrella policy is right for you.

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