Cyber Liability

Protect your business in the event of a major data breach. If your business maintains client data, you need cyber liability protection. Our experienced insurance team will work with your business to determine what exposure you have and what you need covered.


Systems Interruptions

Additional coverage could include reimbursement for loss of income from systems interruptions. 


Privacy Law Coverage

Optional coverage could include reimbursement for federal and/or state fines and penalties from violations of personal privacy laws.


Data Breach Coverage

Additional coverages could include notification expenses from a covered data breach.

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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage

  • Investigation
  • Remediation
  • Data subject notification
  • Credit checking for data subjects
  • Legal costs
  • Regulatory fines
  • Intellectual property right infringement
  • Extortion
  • Professional fees related to extortion
  • Third-party damages related to denial of access

Benefits of Coverage

  • Insure against data breach privacy risk
  • Adds protection for your organizational or "Small Business Identity"

Q: Why do I need to purchase Cyber Liability Coverage?

A: Anytime you collect personal identifying information from a client, whether it is electronically or in paper form that is then transferred to an electronic file, you are exposed to a possible cyber breach. Some examples of personal identifying information include dates of birth, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, checking or savings account information, credit or debit card numbers, fingerprints, passwords, parents legal surnames prior to marriage, electronic signatures, biometric data, home address or telephone numbers or any other numbers or information that can be used to access a person's financial resources, obtain identification, act as identification or obtain goods or services.

Q: How does a cyber liability policy differ from professional liability policy that I may already be purchasing?

A: While other policies may exclude losses typically covered under a cyber liability policy, another key difference in cyber liability coverage and professional liability coverage is who is covered in the event of a claim. A cyber liability policy will respond to a covered loss that occurs not only to you but will also respond to those affected by your data breach. Professional liability policies will not only exclude your cyber liability exposures, but only respond when the loss occurs to others.

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