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Join leaders from BXS Insurance for a series of webcasts about topics impacting the insurance industry today. Click below.

Serving our Communities

BXS Insurance is dedicated to being Right Where You Are and delivering the service you've come to expect as you continue to navigate challenges arising from COVID-19.


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State of Mental Health in the Workplace
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How does mental health affect the workplace, and how can employers take on a more active role in helping their employees achieve well-being?


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ThinkHR and Employee Safety
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What are some of the most commonly asked employee safety questions related to COVID-19? BXS Insurance’s people risk management tool, ThinkHR, provides insight.


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Telecommuting and Cyber Risk
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The rise of telecommuting is leading to new cyber risks. How can businesses shield themselves from cyber attacks and what insurance gaps should they look for?

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Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Costs
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During the COVID-19 pandemic, elective medical procedures are put on hold and nonessential visits are postponed or steered toward telehealth. How will healthcare costs be impacted?


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Reopening the Workplace

What insurance and liability implications should businesses consider when starting to reopen after COVID-19 closures?


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Key Person Insurance
Key Person Insurance

Most adults probably realize the importance of having a life insurance policy to protect their family in case the worst happens. But what about businesses?


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Returning to the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

While businesses are reopening, it is not necessarily business as usual. While plans will vary from business to business, the following guide outlines some key tasks and considerations employers should consider as they plan their return to the workplace. Click here to visit BXS Insurance’s Returning to the Workplace guide.

Tropical Storm & Hurricane Business Preparation Guide

All businesses in coastal areas should have a tropical storm response plan. Although every organization and storm is different and no guide can anticipate every variable, the following guide outlines some general planning considerations and activities. Click here to visit BXS Insurance’s Tropical Storm & Hurricane Business Preparation guide.