Controlling Cost

At BXS Insurance, we build relationships one client at a time, getting to know your business – from your corporate culture, to your competitive pressures and your overall objectives. Our team has the knowledge and tools for guiding your company through the delicate balance between quality employee benefits and cost controls. We will be involved with your business every step of the way.


Diagnosis of Core Issues

Let our consulting team review your benefits to diagnose core cost controlling issues.


Technology Resources

Take control of health care costs while improving the health of your employees with our suite of technology resources.


Wellness Programs

With the best tool to reduce health care costs, let our team realign costs and maximize tools for your business.

  • Three to five year objective plan
  • Pinpoint root causes of costs with data analytics
  • Services to maximize efficiency and savings
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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage

  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting Services
  • Actuarial Services (1)
  • Data Analytics (1)
  • Wellness and Preventive Programs (1)
  • Pharmacy Consulting (1)

Benefits of Coverage

  • Resources, experience and knowledge for helping you meet your objectives by developing a three to five year strategic plan.
  • Help in selecting the services that best meet your organization's needs, and determining how best to integrate them for maximum efficiency and cost savings.
  • Actuarial services for self-funded plans including renewal analysis, plan design analysis, incurred but not recorded (IBNR) reports, five year cost projection and stop loss
    analysis. (1)
  • Risk Manager analytics application that analyzes medical and pharmacy claims data providing unique reporting options. (1)
  • Help improving your organization's employee well-being and reducing and realigning health care costs by maximizing tools and services available through your carrier to develop a full-fledged wellness program. (1)
  • Unique consultative approach allowing us to quickly diagnose core issues and offer thoughtful planning and implementation recommendations. (1)

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