Industry Coverage

From logistics to services, industries are the backbone to production. At BXS Insurance, we have the right pieces to protect your business regardless of the industry.


Moving goods and products can be challenging business with little to no room for error. Let us make sure you are covered if an error does occur.


Single operators to corporate fleets, fixed-based operators and hangar owners, we design a coverage plan that works for your business.


When you are in the food and beverage industry, you have certain risk that you need to be covered for. We understand your insurance needs and are here to help you.


Accounting, architecture, engineering, law and consulting firms, we have the background to create an insurance policy tailored specifically to your professional business.


Complete line of coverage for managing the risks faces by automobile dealerships and repair shops.


Medical clinics and health care providers have a unique set of needs, and we have the insurance expertise to make sure that you are covered.


Offering goods and services to the general public, you face a unique set of challenges. We have the experience you need to create an insurance policy that is tailored specifically to your business needs.


When helping children is your business it’s important to choose an insurance professional who recognizes the unique risks you face.


As a contractor, you may be required to carry special insurance in the case of an accident. Let us make sure that you are covered for your specialized industry.


Our specialized energy team helps both onshore and offshore energy-related businesses.

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