Auto Services and Repair

Automotive dealerships face unique risks, and BXS Insurance offers a complete line of services to manage them. We work with you to determine your dealership’s needs and build a comprehensive, custom suite of solutions, from garage liability to open lot inventory and everything in between, to keep your business running smoothly and your organization’s assets protected.


Diverse Experience

Our specialists have diverse experience with in-depth insurance knowledge of the automotive industry.


Risk Management

We take the time to understand your business and recommended improvements to existing safety, risk management and insurance programs.


Custom Solutions

Our custom analytics determine your exposures and provide client-specific solutions.

  • Garage coverage against theft and vandalism
  • Workers' Compensation claims assistance
  • Property protection for open lot inventory
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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Builder’s Risk
  • General Liability
  • Property
  • Inland Marine
  • Installation Floaters
  • Automobile
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Corporate Identity Protection
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Professional Errors and Omissions
  • Pollution
  • Rigging Liability
  • International Coverage
  • OCIPs
  • Wrap-Ups
  • CCIPs

Available Services

  • Receive in-house risk management including in-depth evaluations of your operations risk, such as human resources/safety, fixed assets, fleet and contractual exposures
  • Receive in-house loss control, including operational safety programs
  • Receive in-house claim advocacy with coverage, conflict, claim strategy, mediation and resolution
  • Receive in-house workers' compensation experience modification review, focusing on claim reserves, which could lead to mod/premium reduction
  • In-house monitoring of all workers' compensation claims in excess of $5,000
  • Benefit from preparation of bid, performance and payment bonds as well as other surety form including license, permit, court, appeal, plugging and abandonment
  • Receive contract/subcontract analysis determining contractual exposures, including insurance requirements, indemnities, additional insured, waiver of subrogation and statutory employer
  • Benefit from design-build programs, including professional liability exposures for project-specific and rolling policies
  • Benefits from builder's risk from specific placement to rolling policies up to $1 billion in value, including coastal, non-coastal, quake and flood-zone hazard areas
  • Benefit from expertise in minimizing exposures created when an owner provides builder's risk, OCIPs and wrap-up coverage
  • Benefits from innovative risk-transfer options, including options for high deductible/self-insured retention, annual aggregate deductibles, retrospective rating plans and captives

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