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Legacy Life Insurance Program for Engaged or Newlywed Couples

BXS Insurance’s Legacy Life Program provides an exclusive life insurance program for young couples.

What is the Legacy Life Insurance Program, and who can participate?

This program is for young couples who are either engaged or recently married. Once you are married, you and your spouse become dependent upon each other's income and support. This offering enables couples to secure their financial futures with 30-year term life insurance coverage.

Who needs life insurance?

  • Those who have a family or loved ones who depend on your income

  • Stay-at-home parents

Why choose life insurance through the Legacy Life Insurance Program?

  • With the Legacy Life program, the cost of your life insurance is set and will never change over the 30-year term

  • The cost is competitive

  • The underwriting process is streamlined and easy. Most couples will avoid medical exams

  • By securing your financial future through life insurance, you can help secure your family’s future

What type of life insurance is best?

A 30-year term life insurance is best if you’re in your 20s and plan to have children. In a 30-year time frame, you can pay off your home and other debts as well as build your savings and investments. Life insurance fills the gap while you are growing those savings and investments and still have significant financial obligations.

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Income multiplier of UP TO 30x income

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Medical exam not required for most applicants

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Available nationwide

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