Auto Insurance

Auto insurance needs are different for everyone. Many things impact those needs such as stage of life, financial security and makeup of the household. BXS Insurance professionals can structure a program to meet your individual needs while also balancing the cost. Our team will develop a plan with trusted providers to be there when you need them.


Liability Protection

Receive protection when you're deemed responsible for injury to a third party.


Uninsured Motorist Protection

Not all motorists are insured. In light of an accident, be sure you are protected.


Potential Discounts

Be sure to ask about a range of potential discounts on auto insurance.

  • Easy online application process
  • Policy customized for your needs
  • Convenient claims service
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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage

  • Liability (Injury or damage to a 3rd party when you’re deemed responsible)
  • Medical expenses to you and your passengers
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorists (bodily injury and property damage)
  • Coverage for damage to your automobile
  • Extra costs that can arise at the time of an accident

Benefits of Coverage

  • Customized policy solutions
  • Customer service representatives on hand for claims services
  • Potential for discounts
  • Asset protection in the case of an accident
  • Available coverage for vehicle you own, lease, or rent

Q: What discounts could I potentially qualify for?

A: Safe Driver, Good Student, College Graduate, Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems, Defensive and Driver Training Courses, Multi-Car, Limited Mileage, Antique/Collector Car and more.

Q: What is the difference between collision and comprehensive?

A: Collision coverage pays for damage caused by an accident with a fixed object, including another vehicle in motion. Comprehensive coverage extends to damage to your car caused by other events such as theft, flooding, and windshield damage.

Q: I don’t drive regularly. Do I still need car insurance?

A: Yes. Legally, you must meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements.

Q: What if I have a company owned car provided for my personal use?

A: If you drive a company car and use it for personal errands and trips, you should consider Extended Non-Owned Liability coverage. While the company’s commercial auto coverage protects the company and you for business related activities, your personal auto policy may not respond if you’re named individually when using the vehicle for business or personal use. Extended Non-Owned liability can provide the protection you need.

Q: What is GAP coverage and do I need it?

A: GAP coverage will help bridge the gap between what you owe on a vehicle and its value at the time of loss.

Q: Do all insurance policies cover genuine factory parts? And, what if my new car is a total loss? Will I be paid to replace it with another new car?

A: Most policies will only replace parts with After Market substitutions. Your new vehicle depreciates quickly in the first few years. We can provide coverage to protect you from these unexpected differences.

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