Loss Control

Effective loss control isn’t a cost of doing business – it’s an investment for your business’s future. At BXS Insurance, we specialize in helping clients proactively prevent, reduce and manage exposures while reducing the frequency and severity of losses.


Protecting your Organization's Assets

The right risk assessment of your individual operations and safety programs can protect your company's assets.


Real Cost of Risk®

Let our team of specialists help insulate your business’s assets by focusing on the direct and indirect costs of risk.


Loss Control Services

Get the help you need at the time needs arise rather than by a predetermined date.

  • Specialize focus on direct and indirect cost of risk
  • Comprehensive risk assessment for your operation
  • Analyze loss trends in your industry
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Coverage & Benefits

Available Services

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Access to safety and risk management resources for continued improvement
  • Site safety meeting assistance and compliance training
  • Loss trend analysis and audit
  • Ongoing consultation to address safety and risk management concerns
  • Liaison services between client and insurer to maximize resources
  • Client-specific loss prevention programs to standardize methods of regulatory compliance
  • Facilitating best practices by participating in safety committee meetings
  • Human resources consultation, including new hire orientation, training needs analysis, substance abuse programs and OSHA/regulatory standards compliance
  • Assistance with formal accident/incident notifications, investigations and reporting for unique and potentially catastrophic events
  • Assistance with review, analytics, development and implementation of formal effective return-to-work programs
  • Participation in employee management training sessions
  • Safety-related seminars, webinars and lunch and learns for facilitating continued safety improvement

Our experts focus on five areas that impact business costs

  • Financial – accounts receivable, interest rates and nonpayment of contracts.
  • Strategic – improper business decisions, poor implementation, lack of response to industry and marketplace changes and new competitors.
  • Operational – inadequate or failed internal processes, staffing and systems that drag down productivity, including failure to maintain or upgrade equipment, supply chain interruptions and damage to your brand name.
  • Human capital – direct costs like benefits, and indirect costs like absenteeism, presenteeism and disabilities.
  • Hazard – security and loss of assets due to man-made and natural disasters.

Q: What is the Real Cost of Risk consultation?

A: Our Real Cost of Risk consultation addresses the direct and indirect costs of risk —giving you ways to insulate your organization's assets.

Q: Why does our real cost of risk consultation matter?

A: Direct and indirect costs can have a significant impact on financial performance. Our Real Cost of Risk® approach provides a valuable yardstick for measuring brokers, quantifying their ability to control costs, improving productivity and increasing profits. We help clients gain a competitive advantage and find a hidden profit center.

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