Real Cost of Risk

Your insurance premium isn’t the only cost of covering risk. Not only are there additional direct costs like deductibles, but also the indirect costs add up. When something goes wrong, you face lost productivity, workplace disruptions, claim investigations, legal expenses and lost opportunities, just to name a few. BXS Insurance identifies all those factors and provide our Real Cost of Risk® consultation.


Real Cost of Risk®

Let our team of specialists help insulate your business’s assets by focusing on the direct and indirect costs of risk.


Protecting your Organization's Assets

The right risk assessment of your individual operations and safety programs can protect your company's assets.


Loss Control Services

Get the help you need at the time needs arise rather than by a predetermined date.

  • Gain a competitive advantage and find hidden profits.
  • Quantifying your ability to control costs.
  • Find the significant impacts on your business financial performance.
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Coverage & Benefits

Areas of Impact

  • Financial – accounts receivable, interest rates and nonpayment of contracts.
  • Strategic – improper business decisions, poor implementation, lack of response to industry and marketplace changes and new competitors.
  • Operational – inadequate or failed internal processes, staffing and systems that drag down productivity, including failure to maintain or upgrade equipment, supply chain interruptions and damage to your brand name.
  • Human capital – direct costs like benefits, and indirect costs like absenteeism, presenteeism and disabilities.
  • Hazard – security and loss of assets due to man-made and natural disasters.

Available Services

  • Certificate service and tracking reducing administrative costs
  • Contract review of insurance specifications
  • Loss control and regulatory intervention, including OSHA and human resources compliance support
  • Disaster planning and building coverage valuations
  • Injury triage reducing workers’ compensation premiums, medical losses and your experience modifier
  • Claim monitoring reducing claim reserves and lowering your experience modifier
  • Experience modifier verification, projections and unit stat reviews
  • Experience modifier analysis helping to reduce errors and correct your modifier sometimes resulting in decreased workers’ compensation premiums
  • Our suite of web-based applications helping your company reach financial objectives, adapt to economic changes and improve the overall health of employees

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