Property and Casualty Insurance

When a challenging situation occurs, it not only affects your small business' property, it also affects your bottom line. No ordinary coverage will do. You need a plan that is tailored for your small business. With a Property and Casualty insurance plan from BXS Insurance, you receive a customized plan that fits your individual small business insurance needs.


Asset Protection Assistance

Make sure all of your business' assets are protected.


Program Design Evaluation

Let us evaluate your business' retention, allocation, tolerance and transfer programs.


Safety Program Implementation

Make sure your business is a safe working environment inside and out.

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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage

  • Providing traditional insurance programs
  • Providing nontraditional insurance programs like wrap-ups, CCIP, OCIP, captives and retentions
  • Uncovering programs with certain inequities
  • Measuring future risk management needs
  • Evaluating program design issues and placement options
  • Monitoring and managing claims
  • Implementing safety programs
  • Tracking premium allocation
  • Designing risk retention, retention allocation, risk tolerance and risk transfer programs
  • Ensuring market capacity
  • Integrating risk management into your business processes
  • Providing advice on growth strategies like mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting with asset protection

What is Property & Casualty Insurance?

Property and casualty insurance is simply the insurance you need to protect your tangible assets, such as merchandise, building, warehoused product, etc, in the event of a disaster that caused these assets to become unusable.

Who need Property & Casualty Insurance?

Any small business owner with tangible assets and a physical location.

How do you know if you need Property & Casualty Insurance?

If you have a physical location, store finished product, or have a manufacturing physicality with equipment that produces good, odds are you are in need of property and casualty insurance.

Still not sure if you need Property & Casualty Insurance? Let us give you an example:

What if your building were to catch on fire during the night. Destroying not only your building, but also the finished goods you stored there as well as the equipment used to produce the product. Would your company be able to recover?

Speak to an agent and let us help you build the RIGHT insurance plan for your small business. Get started today.

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