Umbrella Insurance

Keep your small business protected in the event of major claims or lawsuits. BXS Insurance can help you find an umbrella policy that fits your small business' needs, giving you additional coverage above the limits of certain existing policies.


Affordable Coverage

Additional financial protection for your organization at an affordable cost.


Liability Protection

Receive additional protection when you're deemed responsible for injury to a third party.


Additional Protection

Get the additional coverage that your general liability, commercial auto, or employers’ liability insurance policy may not cover.

  • Real Cost of Risk® consultation to evaluate your small business’ needs
  • Customer service focused, giving the client peace of mind
  • Minimize your financial risk with the right coverage
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Coverage & Benefits

Available Coverage:

  • Additional auto liability coverage 
  • Additional general liability coverage
  • Additional employers’ liability coverage

Benefits of Coverage:

  • Additional coverage in the case of a major event
  • Increase your liability protection when a lawsuit maxes out the limits of your underlying coverage

Q: Would an umbrella policy be in excess of my existing commercial property coverage?

A: No. An umbrella policy is in excess of an underlying liability policy (policies) or certain third-policy coverages.

Q: My small business is an LLC. Do I still need umbrella insurance?

A: If the small business owner and the limited liability corporation are legally proved to be inseparable, your personal assets are at risk. Even if the two are separate, a major claim or lawsuit could bankrupt your LLC. Umbrella insurance protects both your personal wealth and your small business' existence.

Q: How much additional coverage will umbrella insurance provide?

A: That depends on your policy. Our experienced insurance specialists will evaluate your small business and your existing policies to determine how much umbrella insurance is right for you and your small business.

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