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In response to client requests, BXS Insurance is offering our clients and employees a webinar series on our most popular topics, suitable for all levels of management—from executive managers to team leads and supervisors.

Once a month for one hour, you can take part in a live webinar specifically designed to cover fundamental management and leadership competencies and critical compliance topics. Our Management Essentials line-up will help you build new skills and enhance existing expertise. Plus, you’ll receive one Recertification Credit Hour for SHRMand HRCI2 per webinar.





Achieving Work/Life Balance (1)

Work-life balance doesn’t magically happen, and some say it's impossible. But you don't stand a chance without reconnecting with your priorities, thoughtful planning and focused execution. This webinar examines the issues and challenges when simultaneously managing work, family, friends and self, and helps participants understand basic prioritization and goal setting for personal success. The how-tos of personal action planning are covered.

August 20, 2019

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Fundamental Leadership Competencies (1) (2)

Whether you’re just starting to develop your leadership skills, or fine tuning the expertise you already have, this webinar provides a framework for next steps. A hierarchy of critical competencies, including technical, operational, human resources, interpersonal and strategic, are discussed in depth. A self-assessment and planning tool is reviewed and provided to each participant.

September 17, 2019

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Basics of Employment Law for Managers (1) (2)

A live overview of anti-discrimination laws, protected classes, exempt/non-exempt classification, disability accommodation, and the importance of consistency in common management practices. Examples, best practices and important legal considerations for managers will be covered.

Who should attend: Executives, managers, supervisors, team leads, or anyone in your organization who is making decisions affecting hiring, retention, training, promotions, compensation, inclusion, coaching, counseling and disciplinary action.  


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Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion (1) (2)

Some organizations consider diversity a numbers game. They include a voluntary survey as part of their onboarding process to capture ethnicity and racial information of new hires, they have an affirmative action plan in place to ensure that the demographics of their workplace meets prescribed criteria, and they diligently complete their annual EEO report to remain compliant.

But the value of diversity is beyond the numbers. This training identifies the significant and positive results that come from hiring, developing and retaining a workforce that comes from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, that have unique opinions and perspectives, and that have different work styles and personalities. And once hired, the legal imperative to equitably include each employee in ways that supports equal opportunity for a successful and meaningful career.

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Essential Interviewing Skills (1) (2)

How confident are you that your interviewing and hiring practices are both effective and legal? Attracting and recruiting the right talent, the right way, is a gamble for some organizations. Hedge your bets by learning efficient, effective and legal screening, interviewing and assessment techniques.   

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Sexual Harassment Prevention (1) (2)

It's every employee’s responsibility to learn to identify, address and prevent sexual and other harassment in the workplace. Supervisors, managers and executives, and those in positions of authority who make employment-related decisions that affect others are held to a higher standard.

This training gives participants the information and tools necessary to eliminate harassment and to support a healthy and safe work environment. Topics includes a review of the federal laws prohibiting harassment and protecting employees; common scenarios in which harassment can occur; common misconceptions that may create issues due to lack of understanding; and, a group discussion of suggested ways to address complaints of harassment in the workplace.

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Managing Emotions in Difficult Situations (1) (2)

Managing your emotions as you navigate conflict at work and at home is an important skill to master. Without emotional control, problem and conflict resolution is almost impossible, and the lack of emotional control makes a bad situation worse. Learn how to manage your own emotions in difficult situations, and how to positively influence the negative emotions of others.


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Stress Management (1)

The world in which we live and work bombards us with communication, 24/7 connection and “doing more with less.” Most employees rise to the challenge, but at what personal cost? Stress created by the new normal ways of doing business and Type A parenting style is constant, and even when it’s time to rest and relax, most find it difficult.

This module reviews the most common causes of stress and stress triggers, the negative effect stress has on relationships and health, and the five ways to successfully identify, evaluate and manage stress. Participants will learn the science behind lessening the symptoms of stress with healthy alternatives, including Navy Seal breathing techniques, sleep tips, exercise, reframing and managing electronics.

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Effective Communication and Feedback Skills (1) (2)

Effective communication is the foundation on which organizational success is built. Managers are expected to communicate regularly and effectively to the staff that reports to them, to the managers they report to, and across the organization as they develop a team culture. Managers that understand, value and implement best practices in all types of organizational communication are most likely to succeed and show positive results over the long-term. This module focuses on consistent recognition and developmental communication, coaching or teaching communication, and counseling or corrective communication.


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Team Dynamics and Team Building (1) (2)

Teams have a significant, positive impact on organizational profitability, and employee engagement, retention and performance. If you are a member of a team or a team leader, an understanding of team dynamics is critical in order to identify, understand and act on positive and negative team dynamics. Knowledgeable managers increase their own, and their team's, contribution to the success of the organization.

This training provides a model for team development, from the initial gathering to peak performance. A group exercise provides real-time learning and awareness of predictable team phases, and prepares team members and leaders to maximize effectiveness at each stage.

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How to be an Effective Role Model (1) (2)

All managers are role models. Those that report to them, want to be like them, or aspire to have what they have, look to them for clues on how to behave. Positive role models help create a positive environment by inspiring those around them. But all too often, managers behave in ways that set a negative tone. This webinar will explore the characteristics of a positive role model and encourage participants to self-reflect and consider their personal characteristics.

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Time Management (1)

Always busy, always on the go, always chasing a deadline. Working hard, but at the end of the day, you can barely remember what you accomplished and your list of things to do may have grown. If this sounds familiar, or if you’re a manager whose staff isn’t achieving desired results, faulty time management may be the issue.

This training session covers common “time bandits,” those people and things that steal our time right out from under our noses. We also review and discuss best practices for creating goals lists, separating the lists into an importance/urgency matrix, prioritizing tasks, delegating (even if you’re not a manager,) and avoiding common pitfalls to effectively and efficiently managing your time.

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