Investment Management Agency Account

An Investment Management Agency Account (IMA) offers many of the same investment benefits as a more comprehensive Living Trust but does not require a trust agreement or necessitate the services of an attorney to implement. You don’t have to be a multimillionaire or even consider yourself wealthy to utilize this service.  

For many investors, the flexibility and ease of establishing, amending, and managing an IMA, makes it the investment service of choice. What these investors have in common is a desire to have professional money management assistance for a significant sum of money, and they are looking for trustworthy guidance. 

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How It Works

How It Works

This could be the right choice for you.

  • With an Investment Management Agency Account, you can have as much or as little responsibility for investments as you wish. In most cases, we handle the day-to-day investment decision-making based upon your written investment policy statement. We will assist you in determining an investment policy that is tailored to your specific income and growth goals and risk tolerance. There is no single investment approach or preordained weighting of stocks, bonds or other investments. Given a set of goals and your needs, an appropriate asset allocation plan will be developed, implemented and monitored. We have developed numerous models that consist of industry-leading no-load mutual funds that target specific objectives. These models have become very popular among our trust and investment management clients. Another option would be to utilize individual securities in your account, managed by our professional investment staff or through alliances we have formed with nationally prominent money managers.
  • Most importantly, with the IMA, your assets will not be "tied up." You are free to amend, change or cancel the arrangement at any time. You can make additions or withdraw assets or income on a planned regular basis or periodically as needed. The whole purpose of the IMA is to give you better control over your financial life and the ability to delegate investment duties when you want to turn your attention to more pleasurable pursuits.

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