Revocable Living Trust

Unlike a will, a Revocable Living Trust is confidential. Because it does not have to be probated, you can pass your wealth to family, friends or charity with confidence that your beneficiaries' comfort and security will not be jeopardized. There will never be a public disclosure of your assets and their disposition. It can provide the prompt liquidity necessary to pay all expenses associated with a last illness or death.

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How It Works

How It Works

What You Need to Know

A trust is simply a legal document that permits you to name someone ( a trustee) to manage the assets that the trust controls. While you can choose just about any adult, there are very good reasons why you should consider a professional corporate trustee.

A corporate trustee is a bank trust department or trust company serving in a fiduciary capacity with an objective to help build, manage and protect your wealth when you place assets in a trust.

BancorpSouth takes very seriously the duties of serving as a fiduciary. Since we manage trusts on a daily basis, we are familiar with all aspects of trust management. Our knowledge and experience enables us to meet the legal obligations of a trustee and to provide valuable assistance to you in fulfilling your objectives.

As a Corporate Trustee, we provide:

  • Plan design
  • Complete custodial and securities settlement
  • Comprehensive trust account reporting
  • Investment performance reporting
  • Accurate portfolio valuation
  • Cash sweep services
  • Prompt payment processing
  • Capital Advantage Portfolios — numerous investment options, including no-load, industry-leading mutual funds, as well as individual equity and fixed-income portfolios.

With BancorpSouth as your Trustee you can rest assured that your wishes will be followed. Your Asset Management & Trust relationship manager will:

  • Work with you and your attorney to create an appropriate plan tailored to your needs
  • Employ the resources needed to effectively manage your assets
  • Provide relief from any burdensome financial responsibilities you wish to transfer to us
  • Bring you our full capabilities and expertise in trust administration

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