BancorpSouth Cares - Disaster Relief Support

BancorpSouth is Right Where You Are and focused on assisting disaster-affected customers in every way possible. Below is a list of helpful resources and additional relief efforts that you may be eligible for as a BancorpSouth customer residing in the designated areas. For access to your account information 24 hours a day, please use our Online Banking and Mobile Banking features that are available for fast, convenient service. Debit cards and credit cards can be used to help with urgent cash and payment needs when you are unable to access a local branch for servicing.

Our Customer Service department is available from 7 am–8 pm CST Monday through Friday and 7 am–5 pm CST on Saturday to take your calls and to assist with any questions or problems you may be having. Call Toll-Free: (888) 797-7711. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for other useful information.

Disaster Relief Support

For areas receiving disaster designation by State or Federal agencies, BancorpSouth has special guidelines to assist affected customers.

  • Customers may request a loan payment extension for up to 90 days. At the end of the 90 days, the accrued interest will be deferred. Customers will be responsible for repaying the interest when the loan matures.
  • All foreclosure proceedings will be suspended until the disaster designation is lifted.
  • Loans with payment extensions will be reported to the Credit Bureaus as current.
  • Auto debits can be stopped upon customer’s request.
  • Overdraft fees may be refunded upon customer’s request.

BancorpSouth offers those affected by disaster with an opportunity to tap into their savings with a no-early-withdrawal penalty on certificates of deposit (CDs).

Assistance for Home Repair/Renovations or Rebuild

For BancorpSouth customers in a designated disaster area with damage directly resulting from the storm, BancorpSouth will waive the construction fee on the Renovation to Permanent and Construction to Permanent mortgage. Find a local home loan expert to learn more.

Assistance for Businesses

The SBA (Small Business Administration) offers disaster loans up to $2 million to replace buildings, equipment, machinery, inventory, etc. Businesses can register with FEMA or access SBA disaster assistance.

Tropical Storm & Hurricane Business Preparation Guide

All businesses in coastal areas should have a tropical storm response plan. Although every organization and storm is different and no guide can anticipate every variable, the following guide outlines some general planning considerations and activities. Click here to visit BXS Insurance’s Tropical Storm & Hurricane Business Preparation guide.

Insurance Claims

BXS Insurance is here to serve you and to assist you in reporting a loss. Below are tips that may aid in expediting your claims and may also protect your property from further damage.

Reporting Your Claim:

  • By Phone: Please call our office to report your claim; to find a phone number for a local BXS Insurance office, please click here.
  • Online: To report a claim via our website, please click here.

Protecting Your Property:

  • You may make temporary repairs and protect from further damage—save your receipts.
  • Make a detailed list of structural damage and damaged contents.
  • You can move damaged property from your home or structure, but do not throw away anything until your adjuster instructs you to do so or local law requires it.
  • If floor covering is damaged, please save 2ft X 2ft squares of each type of floor covering.
  • Take time-stamped photos and videos showing the water line in each room. If sheetrock is damaged by water, you can remove up to 3’ above the water line; we encourage you to take time and secure date-stamped photos of water damage.
  • If you have a leaking roof, cover it with a tarp to avoid additional damage.
  • If windows are broken, board them up, if possible.
  • Keep a construction file of all repair work; store a copy off premises as well. Compose an inventory of structural damage and damaged contents.
  • Do not accept contracts for cleaning, remediation or maintenance that do not have an agreed-to dollar amount indicated.
  • If you have a flooded vehicle, do not attempt to start it.
  • You may move vehicles that are blocking your garage.

There are some additional actions you may take to protect your property and in doing so, it may have an impact on your existing coverage. Please contact us as soon as practicable so we can address your coverage appropriately. Items to consider include:

  • Are you moving anything into storage or to a temporary location?
  • Will your building be vacant or under construction?
  • Has any of your contact information changed?
  • Have you replaced any property, equipment or automobiles?

These are just a few common considerations. Any changes that you make may require attention to your coverage provided. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

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