Let Us Help Answer Your Questions

Our goal is to make the transition to BancorpSouth as smooth as possible and keep you informed along the way.

You should have already received communications in the mail based on products or services you currently have, with instructions, if applicable, for you to take regarding your accounts.

Please read over our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which help explain the transition process.


What does conversion mean and why did it occur?

A: OIB has joined the BancorpSouth Bank family. Conversion refers to the necessary changes to our banking systems to ensure that your account information was integrated into the BancorpSouth system.

How does this conversion affect me?

A: BancorpSouth has converted OIB accounts to our system. You should have received communications about how it will affect your particular accounts, and if any action is needed. You will now have access to a broader range of financial services and more branch locations that can help make banking easier.

Will OIB change its name to BancorpSouth?

A: Yes. All locations are now referred to as BancorpSouth. The official name change occurred February 20, 2018. Signage and documents will begin to reflect the change.

Who will I contact if I need assistance with my finances during the conversion of OIB to BancorpSouth and after the conversion is complete?

A: Contact BancorpSouth Customer Service at 1-888-797-7711 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CST) Monday-Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday, or visit us at BancorpSouth.com. You may also stop by any of our locations during our regular business hours.


Will there be changes to my account type?

A: There may be. By now, you should have received a communication as to how your account will change, if at all. If the communication stated there will be changes, your account will automatically be updated to a BancorpSouth account that has features which are similar to what you have now. If you have not received a communication in the mail, please contact your local BancorpSouth banking team, and they will assist you.

What if I want a different product type for my account?

A: After reviewing your new product and services information, should you feel a different product would better suit your needs, stop by one of our branches, and we will do our very best to accommodate you with the product you prefer.

Will my routing number change? If so, when?

A: Yes. Your new routing number is 084201278 and should be used moving forward. However, your current routing number will continue to work for existing automatic payments, direct deposits, etc.

When should I begin using my new BancorpSouth ATM/Debit Card?

A: You may begin to use your new BancorpSouth ATM/Debit Card on February 19, 2018, with your existing card PIN.

Will my deposit accounts continue to be insured by FDIC?

A: Yes. Your deposit accounts will continue to be insured by the FDIC. The standard FDIC insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each ownership category. During the first six months after merger your transferred deposits will be separately insured from any accounts you may already have had at BancorpSouth. This period allows you to evaluate your account structure and maximize FDIC insurance coverage.

Will I still have overdraft protection on my personal account?

A: If you currently have overdraft protection that is tied to a line of credit, it will be converted to BancorpSouth and will remain active. You will receive a notification regarding any potential change in terms concerning the specific amount that the overdraft protection will advance.

If your overdraft protection is tied to a savings or checking account, it will convert over to BancorpSouth and will also remain active.

Should I continue to use my current checks and deposit slips from OIB?

A: If there is no change to your account number, you may continue using your existing checks and deposit slips until they are gone. When it is time to reorder your checks, you may do so at BancorpSouth.com or your local branch.

If you received notice that your account number will change, you should have received complimentary new checks with your new BancorpSouth account number and should begin to use those on or after February 20, 2018. For future orders, you will need to reorder checks with your new BancorpSouth account number.

How will checks that I have written from my OIB account prior to conversion be handled? Will they be honored after conversion?

A: Checks that are in circulation prior to the system conversion should post to your account without a problem.

Will I continue to receive images of my checks with my statements?

A: Depending on the type of account you had with OIB, you may continue to receive images of your checks with your BancorpSouth statements. Please refer to the BancorpSouth Account Information Statement that was mailed to you with your account conversion information for details.

I currently receive an E-Statement notification; will I continue to receive an E-Statement notification?

A: Your E-Statement notification will continue through BancorpSouth Online Banking on or after February 20, 2018.

When will I receive my OIB account Statement from BancorpSouth?

A: Your final OIB statement will contain account activity through end of the business day February 16, 2018. Moving forward, your BancorpSouth statement cycle will be assigned similar to the cycle you had with OIB.

If I have a question about a transaction that occurred before February 20, 2018, who do I contact?

A: You may call or stop by any of your local BancorpSouth branch locations. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you with your questions or concerns. You will also have access to view your transaction history on the OIB Online Banking system until March 18, 2018.

Will there be a change in the time when transactions post to my account (daily cutoff times)?

A: The daily cutoff time for BancorpSouth is based on each branch location. Please contact your local branch for specific daily cutoff times.

Will I continue receiving wire transfers to my account?

A: To ensure that wire transfers are properly credited to your account, you will need to inform the originator of the wire transfer of the following information:

I received a letter that I will have a new BancorpSouth account number. Do I need to update any automatic payments, direct deposits, etc. with my new account number?

A: Yes. If you received notice that your account number will change, you will need to update your account information on any automatic payments, direct deposits, etc. Due to your new BancorpSouth account number, BancorpSouth will send you a set of complimentary new checks with the updated account and routing number that you should begin using on February 20, 2018.

Will I receive a new debit card, or can I use my existing debit card?

A: You should have received a new BancorpSouth Debit Card in the mail prior to conversion. You may begin to use your new BancorpSouth Debit Card on February 19, 2018. At that time, please destroy your existing OIB Debit Card. Your OIB Debit/ATM Card will be deactivated on February 19, 2018.

If you haven’t received your BancorpSouth Debit/ATM Card, please contact your local branch and notify your local banker.

Will the daily limit on my debit card for ATM and point-of-sale transactions change?

A: With your BancorpSouth Debit Card, you may withdraw from ATMs up to a maximum of $400.00 (or your available balance if less than $400.00) per card per processing day, and use point-of-sale terminals to purchase goods or services up to a maximum of $10,000.00 (or your available balance if less than $10,000.00).

For additional terms and conditions, please review the BancorpSouth ATM Card and Mastercard Debit Card Disclosure included with your new card.

Will there be any changes to my Certificates of Deposit or Individual Retirement Account?

A: No. You will keep your current interest rates on your existing Certificates of Deposit. At maturity, you will receive a communication informing you of the new terms and interest rate.

Can I withdraw money from my CD prior to the maturity date?

A: Yes. However, early withdrawal penalties may apply if money is withdrawn before the maturity date.


Will I have access to 24-Hour Telephone Banking?

A: On February 20, 2018, you will have access to the BancorpSouth 24-Hour Telephone Banking System by calling 1-888-797-7711. From here you can check your account balance, review your transactions, transfer funds, make payments, report lost or stolen cards and more. You will also have access to BancorpSouth’s Customer Service from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CST) Monday-Friday and from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday by calling this same number.

Will I need a Telephone Banking PIN?

A: Yes. First-time use of this service will ask you for a 4 digit PIN (the temporary PIN is your last four digits of the primary account holder’s Social Security Number). After your initial access, please choose the option for “change PIN” and create a new PIN for future use.


If I have a Safe Deposit Box at a OIB, can I keep it?

A: Yes. Customers who maintain a safe deposit box at a location that is consolidating recently received a communication with details and effective dates for access. If the branch location that houses your box is not affected, you will continue to use your current safe deposit box uninterrupted.

Will my Safe Deposit Box fee remain the same?

A: At the time of renewal for your safe deposit box, BancorpSouth standard safe deposit box fees will apply. See the Account Information Statement on our website for a listing of BancorpSouth safe deposit box fees. You can also call your local branch or BancorpSouth Customer Service at 1-888-797-7711 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CST) Monday-Friday and from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday.


Can I use a BancorpSouth ATM?

A: Yes. You may begin using BancorpSouth ATM machines and not be charged a foreign ATM usage fee effective January 16, 2018. You now have access to more than 240 BancorpSouth ATM locations across the eight states where BancorpSouth operates branches.


Will my OIB location change?

A: As part of this merger, we have consolidated some of our branch offices. You should have received a communication regarding branch consolidations if the branch that your account is associated with was consolidated. Most branch consolidations will take place February 17-19, 2018. You will have access to all BancorpSouth locations to conduct your banking needs after this date. Please refer to the BancorpSouth website for a complete list of all BancorpSouth branches in your area: BancorpSouth.com/FindALocation

Will there be a change in daily lobby and drive-through hours?

A: Lobby and drive-through hours may change based on the location. Please contact your local branch for specific service hours.


Will I need to re-register for online banking?

A: No. Your online account will be converted from OIB to BancorpSouth Online Banking. Upon login for the first time, you must enter the temporary password which was mailed to you. You will then be asked to accept the BancorpSouth Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

Can I access BancorpSouth Online Banking from my iPad or tablet?

A: Yes. You can complete the online banking login process from an iPad or tablet. Visit BancorpSouth.com from your iPad or tablet device and click the login option.

How do I create my security questions within Online Banking?

A: Upon your initial login to online banking, you will be prompted to set up a series of security questions. These questions are for your protection and will be used in verifying your account access.

NOTE: If you need to update your existing security questions, you can do so through the following steps:

How do I add a checking or savings account to my Online Banking account?

I’m having trouble updating Quicken. Is there something I need to do with your Online Banking system to update it?

A: Please see our online guide for updating Quicken at BancorpSouth.com/Quicken.

Will I continue to have access to my account statement and notices through online banking?

A: Your account statement history WILL NOT transfer to BancorpSouth Online Banking. You may find it beneficial to print or save your existing OIB statement documents that you may need to access at a later time. You will have access to OIB Online Banking until March 18, 2018.


Will I still be able to pay my bills through BancorpSouth Online Bill Pay?

A: Yes. On February 20, 2018, you may login to BancorpSouth Online Banking. You will be able to access Bill Pay from here.

Will my scheduled payments transfer over to BancorpSouth Online Bill Pay?

A: Yes. Your payee list and scheduled payments will automatically transfer to BancorpSouth Online Bill Pay, so there is no need for you to re-enter the information.


Where can I download the MyBXS Mobile App?

A: Once you have logged into BancorpSouth Online Banking and completed the initial set-up process, you will have access to view your account information through our MyBXS Mobile App. Our apps are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Visit the appropriate app store for more information.

How do I access the MyBXS Mobile App?

A: You must login to BancorpSouth Online Banking through a desktop or tablet device before access will be granted to use your MyBXS App.


Will there be changes to my loan terms or where I make loan payments?

A: Home equity line of credit and personal line of credit accounts will receive a change in terms related to the minimum payment due and the due date of your account. Terms for other loan account types will remain the same. You can continue to make personal and commercial loan payments at the bank location nearest you. If mailing payments on or after February 20, 2018, please send to the relevant address below:

Equity Credit Line Payments
Post Office Box 2520
Tupelo, MS 38803

Commercial/Consumer Loan Payments
Post Office Box 789
Tupelo, MS 38802

Mortgage Loan Payments
Post Office Box 3356
Tupelo, MS 38803

For questions, please contact BancorpSouth Customer Service at 1-888-797-7711 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CST) Monday- Friday and from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday.


Will I continue to receive a payment notice for my business loan?

A: Business customers will receive statements regarding any notices on their accounts such as payments, rate changes and delinquencies.

Will I have access to Business Online Banking and Bill Pay service?

A: BancorpSouth offers online banking access for businesses depending on the products, services, and features that your business requires. Customers who need basic access for a singular user will utilize BancorpSouth Online Banking and Bill Pay. For those that require multi-user access and complex services (such as ACH or wire), a BancorpSouth Treasury Management Officer will be in touch with you to assist in the transition to the appropriate online service.


If my mortgage loan currently has an escrow account, will the balance transfer to BancorpSouth?

A: Yes. Any funds held in your escrow account will transfer to BancorpSouth as your new loan service provider.

Should I notify my insurance carrier where to send my renewal insurance policy which covers the collateral that secures my loan?

A: No. Once the servicing transfer is complete, BancorpSouth will send a Mortgage Clause Change Letter to your insurance carrier informing them of the new servicer and where future renewal notices should be sent.

Will I continue to receive a statement for my Credit Line or Mortgage payment?

A: Yes. BancorpSouth will mail to you a detailed statement for your credit line account or mortgage account. BancorpSouth Online Banking also allows you to check your balance and due date at any time.