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Gift cards are beneficial to merchants in many ways:
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Features & Benefits

How Gift Cards Work:


Consumers purchase gift cards with cash, check, credit or debit cards for any amount. Standard cards come with the ability to load values of $0.01 to $500.


Cardholders present gift cards as payment for goods or services.

Cardholder purchases additional value or "reloads" the card for any amount. Reloads can be used as a basis for incentive programs.

Potential Merchant Benefits:

Increased Revenue

Gift cards help bring in new customers and increase the frequency of current-customer visits.

The amount spent generally increases with a gift card.

Gift cards are effective tools for managing in-store credit.

Brand-Building Potential

Cards are billboards in the consumer's wallet. 

Administrative Benefits

Gift cards are easy to use and offer a convenient payment method for customers.

Gift-card programs offer reporting not available through traditional paper-based gift-certificate programs.

Customer Benefits:

Ease of Use

Gift cards are easy to purchase and take the stress out of selecting a gift.

Convenient Payment Method

Cardholders shop without dipping into cash on hand, stopping for cash or utilizing interest-bearing credit cards.

Gift cards reduce the need to carry cash, gift certificates or credit slips.

Card Production Options:

Standard Cards

Eight standard card designs are available.

Merchant's store/company name will be printed on the card in the Pantone® font color of choice (5 colors available).

Minimum order of 500 cards.

Card production times:

14 business days for non-peak (February through September)

3-6 weeks for peak (October through January)

Custom Cards

Merchant must provide artwork in supported electronic format.

Minimum order is 1,000 cards.

Design may have up to four colors over a white card plastic.

Graphic design services are available for merchants who require assistance designing cards.

Card production times:

14 business days for non-peak (February through September)

3-6 weeks for peak (October through January)

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