Financial Literacy Month



Remember, you don't have to be an accountant to balance your checkbook. You just need to be willing to take a small amount of time on a regular basis; once a week or once a month, perhaps to track what you're spent and what you've earned utilizing online banking. Read more...



Take an honest look at what you spend each month and what you earn. The hardest part? Sticking to your budget once you've drafted it, BancorpSouth's BudgetWi$e online budgeting tool can help. Read more...



Increasing your existing savings rate by even 1% can yield big results. Save even more and the results are better. The more you're able to save and longer you're able to save it will open your savings up to the magic of compounding, or the ability to earn interest on your re-invested earned interest. Read more...

BancorpSouth is dedicated to helping our customers reach their financial goals. Let us help you starting with the fundamental basics of financial literacy. We're right where you are.

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