Now more than ever, you need the tools to manage your company effectively from anywhere. BancorpSouth’s Treasury Management team can provide you with solutions to help you get the information you need quickly while streamlining cash flow, protecting your business and much more.


With BancorpSouth Commercial Center, the commercial online banking system, you can save time and benefit from the convenience of being able to access all your enrolled cash management tools from a single, secure location. BancorpSouth Commercial Center provides a high level of accessibility and a combination of functions, including running balance reporting, enhanced report delivery and enhanced browser capability, as well as real-time information reporting, images of cleared items (including checks, deposit tickets and the associated deposited items), stop payments and account transfers. Additional modules provide functionality such as ACH origination, wire transfers and positive pay.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Origination
Debit origination through Commercial Center ACH streamlines the process of collecting funds and processing payments. With this service, we can help save you time and money while improving your cash flow.

ExpressDeposit allows commercial customers to electronically make check deposits using a scanner and an internet application, eliminating the need to visit the bank each day or send check deposits via a courier or mail.

Lockbox Services
Turn your accounts receivables into usable cash quickly, efficiently and accurately with Lockbox Processing from BancorpSouth. We can even provide custom lockbox services tailored to your business’s needs, accelerating the conversion process while reducing your office’s workload.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit Origination
Commercial Center ACH provides an electronic alternative to traditional paper checks. With this service, you have the power and flexibility to initiate ACH transactions conveniently, efficiently and securely. Depending on the services you select, authorized staff may originate electronic credits to facilitate cash concentration, direct deposits and contract employee pay,  state and federal tax payments, expense reimbursements, and vendor payments.

Online Wire Transfers
Directly generate domestic and international wire transfers securely from your computer at a reduced per-wire cost with online wire transfers. The service provides a secure, timely and automatic way for initiating and transferring immediately available funds between two parties, quickly moving money from one bank to another.


Positive Pay
With Positive Pay, you're able to verify checks and ACH items for payment and return fraudulent transactions immediately – not days or weeks later. This service enables you to gain control over which items are paid and which are held for review, identify unauthorized transactions, and access valid payment information with our online portal which is updated frequently throughout the day.

ACH Filter / Block
With ACH filters and blocks, you’re able to add a layer of protection between your accounts and unauthorized ACH transactions which helps to reduce ACH fraud risk. This service applies blocks or filters to incoming ACH credits, debits or both, depending on your service option.

Our Treasury Management sales team is here to help. To learn more about these solutions, please email us at tmsales@bxs.com. You may also contact your local branch or Relationship Manager to be directed to the Treasury Management Sales Officer in your area.

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