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BancorpSouth’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) translates electronic payment information (ACH Addenda) into a readable, understandable format. Payment information, including discounts, invoice numbers, terms and other industry-specific information is compiled in one easy-to-read report, helping your business’s accounts receivable and accounts payable stay up-to-date.

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Our Treasury Management team can offer solutions to help make your business more efficient. 


Sophisticated Services

Providing you with the most sophisticated financial business services available so that you can focus on the bottom line.

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A diverse range of service modules allows you to select which are most appropriate for your business.

  • Extract detailed information from any ACH transaction with an addenda record 
  • Receive quick access to critical business information
  • Receive timely reports from daily transactions
  • Detailed information is extracted from any ACH transaction with an addenda record and provided in human-readable format
  • Reports are emailed to provide quick access to critical business information

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