Zero Balance Account

Eliminate excess funds and maintain control over your business’s payments with a Zero Balance Account from BancorpSouth. ZBAs centralize all of your company’s funds into one account, concentrating balances that would otherwise remain idle in operational accounts. Disbursements are handled from subsidiary accounts, such as payroll or petty cash, which always maintain a zero balance. 

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Our Treasury Management team can offer solutions to help make your business more efficient. 


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Providing you with the most sophisticated financial business services available so that you can focus on the bottom line.

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A diverse range of service modules allows you to select which are most appropriate for your business.

  • Avoid overdrafts on accounts
  • Simplify cash within your account structure
  • Maintain funding between accounts
  • Eliminate manual internal transfers
  • Reduce idle cash in various accounts
  • Provide a clear audit trail
  • Provide a central pool of funds to improve investment opportunities
  • Manage your accounts more efficiently
  • Automatically maintain balances at a number you choose

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