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Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are an electronic alternative to traditional paper checks. ACH transactions are the least expensive payment collection tool available. Commercial Center ACH allows customers the power and flexibility to initiate ACH transactions conveniently, efficiently and securely via the Internet, while simultaneously allowing them to establish and maintain strict control of transaction access and initiation. Commercial Center ACH allows authorized staff to input via personal computer to BancorpSouth electronic debits and credits to facilitate cash concentration, pre-authorized payments (direct billing), direct deposits, electronic state and federal withholding tax payments and corporate trade payments.

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  • Reduces the costs associated with check processing
  • Convenient, internet based
  • Increases control and security by allowing customers to authorize which individuals may perform each function
  • Saves customers and employees time away from the office
  • Provides detailed reports of transactions originated
  • Funds can be transferred electronically between other financial institutions and BancorpSouth
  • Funds are consolidated electronically without using high-cost wire transfers

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